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Ius Laboris Knowledge Base

The Ius Laboris member law firms prepare and regularly update a number of publications comparing important aspects of employment law regulations in various countries. In this respect, the Ius Laboris Knowledge Base provides a comprehensive database of all of these publications.

Randl Partners lawyers have added, for example, the following publications to the database:

European Labour Reform 2015 at a glance - author: Nataša Randlová

New regulation of the employment of foreigners – co-authors: Nataša Randlová, Lucie Hořejší

Czech Republic: Changes to Employment Regulations in 2013 and Outlook for 2014 - co-authors: Nataša Randlová, Lucie Hořejší

Ius Laboris website

Hundreds of articles, podcasts and several comprehensive guides can be also found on the Ius Laboris website - the Ius Laboris Knowledge Base is a unique source of Global HR Law information.

For more information please visit http://www.globalhrlaw.com/home

International Practice Groups

The International Practice Groups are where the Ius Laboris local experts regularly meet to share their expertise. They produce a wide variety of topical publications covering the key legal areas related to labour, employment, pensions, employee benefits or immigration. These are published on-line several times per year in the form of booklets.

Among others, the following booklets have been published:

Secondments to and within Europe - with the contribution of Natasa Randlova

Outsourcing and employment: an international guide - with the contribution of Natasa Randlova and Romana Nahlikova Kaletova

Individual dismissals across Europe - with the contribution of Natasa Randlova

Cooperation and Education

Sharing the expertise and experience among member law firms and cooperation in preparing educational materials designed for their clients are some of the main components forming the global cooperation within Ius Laboris. In this respect, useful publications, bulletins and seminars are being prepared and further distributed to the clients through the law firms. They are mainly aimed on alerting possible labour law problems and issues on both global and regional or local level.

Ius Laboris issued recently two publications which aim is to help employers with orientation in the problematic of discrimination and sexual harassment at work.

The publication named Sexual Harassment Prevention contains valuable advices and measures to help employers to prevent sexual harassment at their workplaces efficiently in countries all over the world. Natasa Randlova contributed to this publication with a chapter about sexual harassment prevention in the Czech Republic. The whole publication can be found here.

The second publication is named Discrimination Law in the Americas and deals with the law prohibiting discrimination in different countries of Americas. The publication also deals with the differences amongst the law systems of individual countries which origin can be traced up to colonial times. The whole publication can be found here.