Forbes 2018: Nataša Randlová among the most powerful women of Czech Republic
Nataša Randlová is among 111 the most powerful women according the Forbes list.

The november’s issue of the prestigious magazine Forbes CZ published The list of the Czech 111 Most Powerful Women. As well as in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Nataša Randlová belongs to the group of these personalities.

It focuses not only on the manageresses, business owners, women in public sector, but also on the women in non-profit sector, culture, sport and so-called opinion leaders. Forbes makes this list every year to support these women and to inspire others.

The Magazine evaluated the economic outturns, amount of money over which they have control and which they directly affect, their shares in firms, how many clients might be influenced by their decisions etc.

Complete list can be found in the latest issue of the Forbes magazine.

Praha, November 2018