Press Release - Randl Partners advocate long-term support for disabled people
Nataša and Pavel Randl purchased a device for the non-profit organization REHALB that can be used by people who have suffered a disability after an illness or accident and were thus wheelchair-bound.

The dynamic verticalizer allows the body to stand in the natural position and the patient's body can carry out conscious movements without loss of balance. It serves to prevent contractions, facilitates breathing and aeration of the lungs, has a positive influence on sensory perception, motoric abilities as well as on patient´s state of mind. Randl, however, are also engaged in supporting other non-profit organizations. Two special pelvic bands for fast stabilization of pelvic fractures were donated to the Life Saving Support Pilsen Association. By providing legal services, they support Randl Contact bB - Swimming Pool Without Barriers. They also help the non-profit organization Black Horse, which manufactures handbike wheels for disabled children, and is currently the only manufacturer of bicycles of this type in the Czech Republic.

Praha, December 2018