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Articles and Books 01. 11. 2012

Supreme Court accepts dismissal for private computer use despite monitoring without warning

Pursuant to this judgement an employer may monitor whether its employees use company computers for private purposes, even without their …

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Articles and Books 01. 08. 2012

Inviting for job interview by email not discriminatory

This time, Natasa Randlova contributed with her article to the section focused on discrimination. In the case, the Supreme Court …

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Articles and Books 01. 02. 2012

Labour Code. Commentary

New Labour Code commentary published by Wolters Kluwer is a result of work of a team of authors, whose members …

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Articles and Books 01. 02. 2011

Czech Supreme Court accepts broad “transfer” definition

In the article, Natasa Randlova returns to the case of the Czech Supreme Court from July 2010 dealing with the …

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Articles and Books 02. 08. 2010

Transfer of undertaking despite termination by the transferor followed by a new contract with the transferee

The article by Natasa Randlova analyses a decision of the Czech Supreme Court addressing the termination of employment contract and …

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Articles and Books 01. 05. 2009

Czech Supreme Court accepts US at will termination clause

The zero edition of the journal EELC, which provides a summary of judicial decisions of particular European countries courts, includes …

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