As the state authorities are issuing a number of measures, resolutions and other legislation related to the pandemic of COVID-19 disease that have a significant impact to our personal and professional lives, we have prepared this page for you to summarize the most important current information in one place since the declaration of the state of emergency.

We hope that our site will help you to get oriented in this difficult situation in which the information on the issued measures is often not available on the websites of the authorities in a concise and up-to-date version.


  • state of emergency
  • current restrictions of free movement
  • current restrictions of retail and services
  • arrival restrictions for foreigners and other conditions for travelling


  • program Antivirus – regime A and A Plus
  • program Antivirus – regime B
  • carer’s allowance – for employees and self-employed
  • further help and reliefs for employers and employees
  • restrictive measures related to employers and employees


  • impacts on contractual relations and their solution
  • deferral of repayment of loans and mortgages
  • deferral of business rent payment
  • further help and reliefs for self-employed and companies
  • restrictive measures related to companies

  • prohibitions
  • restrictions
  • other restrictive measures

  • governmental resolutions
  • extraordinary measures of the ministries
  • other relevant regulations

  • webpages of the Government, ministries and other authorities
  • webpages of relevant organizations
  • other useful links

However, we would like to emphasize that despite our great effort, we cannot guarantee that the below information is absolutely up-to-date and correct. Please let us know your comments or suggestions at: or contact us at any time.

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