Employment Law

Articles and Books 27. 10. 2020

Employment Law textbook

Nataša Randlová has become part of composite authors led by Petr Hůrka who have published the third up-to-date release of …

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Articles and Books 12. 10. 2020

Saving account of working hours – new chance how to harmonize personal and professional life

In their article, Michal Peškar together with tax advisor Ditta Hlaváčková follow the issue of flexible scheduling of working hours …

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Articles and Books 11. 08. 2020

Amendment to the Labor Code – further details on posting employees

Simultaneously with the current amendment to the Labor Code, a transposition amendment to the Directive of the European Parliament and …

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Articles and Books 11. 08. 2020

Amendment to the Labor Code – brief overview

In this article, which can be found in the summer issue of the magazine Práce a Mzda, Nataša Randlová and …

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Articles and Books 10. 08. 2020

Providing resources for trade union activity has its limits

Trade unions cannot unilaterally dictate what resources employer has to provide for trade union activities. In the holiday double issue …

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Articles and Books 11. 07. 2020

COVID-19 pandemic and labor law implications

In this year’s fifth issue of Práce a Mzda magazine, Nataša Randlová and Jakub Lejsek offer a brief summary of …

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Employment Law 23. 06. 2020

HR News No. 4/ June 2020

This year’s fourth edition of our HR News is devoted to a brief summary of the amendment of the Act …

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HR News 02. 06. 2020

HR News No. 3/ May 2020

As a result of governmental and ministerial measures and precautions relating to the spread of the COVID-19 disease, many employers …

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Articles and Books 26. 05. 2020

Work-life balance

In the April issue of Práce and Mzda periodical, Nataša Randlová and Lucie Brázdová explain what the new European directive …

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Articles and Books 20. 05. 2020

Rules for collective redundancies

On the website Lidové noviny, Nataša Randlová explains the requirements set by the Labour Code to which employers must adhere …

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