International cooperation

Ius Laboris

Randl Partners, attorneys at law, is a member of Ius Laboris, an international alliance of leading law firms providing specialised services in employment law. Ius Laboris has more than 1,400 attorneys in member firms in over 52 countries, enabling it to offer global legal services in almost 165 cities. Member law firms offer specialised legal advice and litigation assistance worldwide in all aspects of HR:

  • labour and employment law
  • discrimination
  • restructuring
  • pensions
  • immigration law
  • social security law
  • etc.


Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance

Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (“GALA”) is a worldwide alliance of lawyers specialized in advertising, marketing and promotion law. GALA enables our law firm to make use of experience of lawyers across the whole world, in particular when our clients seek answers and solves issues in the areas of sale, marketing and intellectual property.

Randl Partners are the exclusive member of GALA in the Czech Republic. Thanks to the GALA projects we take part in teams of lawyers who assess international advertising campaigns, review contracts with advertising agencies, draft contracts with influencers, make assessments of new products and advertisings from the perspective of competition law, data privacy or intellectual property.


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