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Public authorities


Links Employment Law – Czech

State administration

  • MPSV – Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • MPSV Portal – integrated portal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs – employment, EURES
  • UOOU – Office for Personal Data Protection
  • State Labour Inspection Office – checks for compliance with labour and work safety regulations
  • Czech Chamber of Commerce – overview of legislation in the comment procedure
  • CSSA – The Czech Social Security Administration
  • Labour Office – contacts to particular labour offices, information about free working positions

Defence against discrimination

  • The Ombudsman – the public defender of rights in the discrimination matters
  • Tackling discrimination – European Commission website about discrimination and possible defence against it


  • EPRAVO – articles, judicial decisions, practical advice
  • AKV – Association for the Development of Collective Bargaining and Labour Law Relationships
  • eLAW – law, judicial decisions, practical examples and models of contracts
  • BOZP – information on occupational safety and health protection

Links Employment Law – International

  • EUR-Lex – portal to the law of the EU
  • ECJ – Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Euroskop – all about the Czech membership in the EU
  • IBA – International Bar Association
  • EELA – European Employment Lawyers Association
  • BusinessEurope – Confederation of European Business
  • UEAPME – European Association of Craft, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises
  • European Commission – Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities

Links Commercial Law – Czech

State administration

  • MPO – Ministry of Industry and Trade
  • UOHS – Office for the Protection of Competition
  • Real Estate Register – access to data in the Real Estate Register
  • – Portal of the Public Administration
  • Czech Chamber of Commerce – marking up of legislation
  • CNB – Czech National Bank
  • UPV – Industrial Property Office
  • UOOU – The Office For Personal Data Protection
  • NKU – Supreme Audit Office
  • CTU – Czech Telecommunication Office


  • Commercial Register – searching in Commercial Register and Collection of documents
  • Insolvency Register – searching of debtors against whom the insolvency proceedings has been initiated after January, 1, 2008
  • Commercial Jurnal – internet version of Commercial Journal
  • ARES – information on economic subjects
  • Entrepreneur Register – register of entrepreneurs at the Ministry of Industry and Trade


  • CZECH POINT – information on services of CZECH POINT
  • Czech Post – services of Czech Post (Authentication and Legalisation, Czech POINT)
  • Central Securities Depository Prague – activities of CSDP, operation of a central register of dematerialized securities issued in the Czech Republic
  • Basic Registers Portal – information on system of Basic Registers
  • Public Procurement and Concessions Portal – official information relating to public procurement in the Czech Republic
  • CEE – Central database of executions
  • IS VZ – Information system on public tenders
  • UPV – Database of geographic denomination and appellation of origin (IPO CZ, WIPO)
  • RRTV – Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting

Links Commercial Law – European

  • EUR-Lex – portal to the law of the EU
  • SDEU – Evropský soudní dvůr
  • EUROPA – Gateway to the European Union
  • CURIA – Case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • ECHR – European Court of Human Rights
  • HUDOC – Case-law database of the European Court of Human Rights
  • European E-Justice – information about law of the EU Member States, links to national registers
  • Evropská komise – oficiální stránky evropské komise
  • EUIPO – Úřad Evropské Unie pro duševní vlastnictví
  • EU funds – signpost for obtaining information about EU funds in the Czech Republic
  • Your Europe – Business – Practical guide to doing business in Europe
  • Market Access Database – information on opportunities for EU exporters in markets abroad
  • TMView – database of national trademarks of Member States of the EU
  • EBR – European Business Register

Links Commercial Law – International

  • GALA – Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance
  • IBA – International Bar Association
  • UNCITRAL – United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
  • UNIDROIT – International Institute for the Unification of Private Law
  • WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization
  • ICC – International Chamber of Commerce, International Court of Arbitration
  • Statement on reciprocity in civil matters– Statement on the reciprocity in the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters of the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic
  • TESS – United States Patents and Ttrademarks Office

Foreign Commercial register

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