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Randl Partners, attorneys at law, was incorporated in 2009, gathering a team of lawyers who have been working together for several years. Lawyers of Randl Partners have years of experience in providing legal advice to large international corporations and to big Czech companies.

Randl Partners focuses its activities mainly in the areas of employment law and commercial law. All services of Randl Partners’ lawyers are provided in Czech and English, and eventually in German.





Pracovní právo 27. 10. 2020

Employment Law textbook

Nataša Randlová has become part of composite authors led by Petr Hůrka who have published the third up-to-date release of …

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Pracovní právo 12. 10. 2020

Saving account of working hours – new chance how to harmonize personal and professional life

In their article, Michal Peškar together with tax advisor Ditta Hlaváčková follow the issue of flexible scheduling of working hours …

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Obchodní právo 18. 01. 2021

Sales promotion and equal access to health services

In cooperation with some private medical clinics that belong to the same group of companies in Czech Republic Prime Minister’s …

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Obchodní právo 05. 01. 2021

Ambush marketing: A Global Legal Perspective

Ambush marketing can be briefly defined as a type of marketing by which a subject is trying to link itself …

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