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Randl Partners, attorneys at law, was incorporated in 2009, gathering a team of lawyers who have been working together for several years. Lawyers of Randl Partners have years of experience in providing legal advice to large international corporations and to big Czech companies.

Randl Partners focuses its activities mainly in the areas of employment law and commercial law. All services of Randl Partners’ lawyers are provided in Czech and English, and eventually in German.




Pracovní právo 22. 01. 2020

HR News No. 1/January 2020

First issue of our HR News brings a summary of changes which are connected with the turn of the year …

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Pracovní právo 02. 01. 2020

HR News No. 5/ December 2019

In 2020, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) starts operation of fully functional and obligatory system of electronic sick notes adopted …

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Obchodní právo 27. 01. 2020

Business Brunch – pleasant breakfast with lunch and legal information and news from practice in one

Great success of our HR Meeting and interest of our clients in taking part in similar meetings on current topics …

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Obchodní právo 21. 10. 2019

CJEU decided on removal of information by hosting services providers (Facebook)

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued a decision on application of injunction related to the removal …

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