Business Bulletin No. 2/2011

In this special issue of Randls Business Bulletin, you will find information and tips regarding the upcoming Act on Criminal Liability of Corporations and on Proceedings against them. The new act provides conditions of criminal liability of corporations, punishments that can be imposed upon them and procedure of their prosecution. Unlike the current regulation, where corporations face no criminal liability at all, the Act on Criminal Liability of Corporations introduces substantial changes. Corporations must act in accordance with this act, as well as with the Criminal Code, otherwise they are criminally liable for their actions and criminal punishments may be imposed on them. The criminal punishment shall have impacts both on a person acting on behalf of a corporation and on the corporation itself. However, the acting persons may no longer “hide” behind the corporation and they will continue being individually liable. At the end of this special issue, a brief overview is given on models of criminal liability of corporations in other states and examples of situations when corporations can be held liable for their actions outside the Czech Republic.

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