Business Bulletin No. 3/2015

In this third edition of our Business Bulletin, we inform you about the most important legal news published during the period from June to October 2015. For the introduction, we prepared brief information about the upcoming amendment of the Civil Code, which was approved by the government in mid-October 2015. Furthermore we inform you on the important change in the Civil Procedure Code and the Code of Execution, which is mainly aimed to enhance the protection of the unencumbered spouse during the execution on the spouse in debt property and it allows successful participants in civil proceedings, who are not represented by an attorney, to claim reimbursement of thein legal costs by a lump sum. Furthermore we also inform about the decree of the Ministry of Finance regarding the financing of exports with the state support, which should provide for better functioning of control mechanisms of grants provided by the ministry. Regarding the case law, we chose the judgment on the concurrence of functions of the statutory bodies of business corporations. The judgment is slightly older, but it makes the current regulation on so called “concurrence of functions” uncertain. We also inform you about the decision on proving of a breach of due diligence of statutory bodies. Finally, we mention the decision, which sets out conditions under which the parties to a contract parties may agree on an independent party, which, if necessary, determines the arbitrator for thein dispute arising from the contract.

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