Business Bulletin No. 4/2010

In the fourth issue of Randls Business Bulletin, we bring you a few legal news related to civil, business and competition law due to the Czech Government’s focus on lowering the state finance deficit in the period of the last quarter. We briefly mention the new Act on Financial Collateral, the Consumer Lending Act and changes of legal regulations occurred in connection with adoption of such acts. In the field of regulations under discussion we point out the significant proposal of the amendment to the Civil Code in flat lease relationships. Randls Business Bulletin also discusses important decisions of the Office for Protection of Competition in relation to so called “predatory pricing” and in relation to cartel agreements of CRT monitor producers. We looked at the interesting decision of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic regarding the possibility of insurance company to refuse insurance benefit payment. And finally, we bring you information on national and foreign databases of trademarks available free of charge on the Internet.

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