Business Bulletin No. 1/2012

In this issue we report on the most important legal news for the last quarter of 2011 and the beginning of the year 2012. We focus on an amendment to the Commercial Code, which enables a controversial concurrence of offices and expressly enables damage waivers. Also described are amendments to the Public Procurement Act, Act on Registration of Ownership Rights, a comprehensive amendment to the Act on Experts and Interpreters as well as an amendment to the Act on Transformations of Corporations which influences the wording of the Commercial Code. We also highlight the adoption of the Act on Criminal Liability of Corporations and an amendment to the Labor Code. In the section Regulations under Discussion we explain an amendment to the Trade Licensing Act. We also point out progress made in the adoption of a new codification of private law. In the Case-Law section we summarize a decision of the Office for Protection of Competition against building societies. Finally, we report on EU activities in the field of electronic payment systems.

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