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Randl Partners Law Office is aware of its social responsibility. For this reason we actively cooperate on projects from various areas of society and try to help where it makes sense. We provide free legal advice and related services to non-profit organizations, assisting disabled persons and promoting jobs for those who can’t work regular working hours. More information about individual projects can be found below.

Mgr. et Mgr. Irena Lišková joined the Lawyers in Schools project

In December of 2019, Mgr. et Mgr. Irena Lišková, partner of Randl Partners, had a lecture at the Business Academy Heroldovy sady in Prague within the Lawyers to Schools project. She discussed business law and the profession of an attorney with last-year students. The essence of the project, organised under the auspices of the Czech Bar Association, is the voluntary and free participation of lawyers in the education of students at the second stage of primary schools and third and fourth stages of secondary schools.

Randl Partners help REHALB

Artists, whose artworks can be seen by our clients and seminar participants in the Randls Training spaces, will donate 5 % of the amount obtained by selling their exhibited artworks to the REHALB organisation. This non-profit organization introduces patients who have suffered brain injuries back to active life, for example by organizing reconditioning and rehabilitation stays in the countryside or training of everyday activities, or by organising swimming and walking schools. The painter Martina Trchová, whose paintings you had the opportunity to see in our training centre from October 2019 to March 2020, presented a financial gift in the amount od CZK 5200 to REHALB.

The painter Tereza Strnad, whose paintings you had the opportunity to see in our training centre from March to October last year, presented a financial gift in the amount of CZK 6200 to Jan Šisler, the director of REHALB.

Randl Partners have long been committed to helping people with disabilities through this non-profit organisation, while Nataša and Pavel Randl recently bought a dynamic verticaliser for REHALB to rehabilitate people who use wheelchair due to illness or injury.

For more information, be sure to visit this site.

Randl Partners to support Kontakt bB Plaveckou akademii bez bariér

Randl Partners, attorneys at law, provide legal services to the Kontakt bB Plavecká akademie bez bariér, allowing regular swimming practice for people with various forms of disability. Thanks to the Aqua (E) Motion Therapy method, disabled athletes have won over 100 medals at the Paralympics, the World Championships and the European Championships since 1995. Of a special note is the best Czech Junior handicapped swimmer Anežka Floriánková. Besides her success in swimming, she is also a talented artist whose creation and activities of Kontakt bB were brought to attention of the guests during the opening of paintings by Radu Tesaro, which took place on October 4, 2018 at Randls Traninig.
More information about Kontakt bB can be found here.

Randl Partners to support a non-profit organization Černí koně

Nataša Randlová and Pavel Randl have donated four laptops to a non-profit organization Černí koně, z. s., which manufactures handbikes for disabled children. At present, the organization is the only manufacturer of such bikes in the Czech Republic. The non-profit was founded in 2008 by Tomáš Pouch who is also involved in many activities that help to contribute to the debate on the integration of disabled children into society. For example, he regularly organizes races at the level of the Czech Mountain Bike Cup with a handbike racing category, discussions at elementary schools and educational tours across the Czech Republic.
More information about Černí koně, z. s. can be found here.

Randl Partners to support volunteer rescue society

Randl Partners, attorneys at law, donated two special pelvic bands for the rapid stabilization of the fractures of the pelvis, the Pilsen Civil Society Life Saving Support. Its members are students and graduates of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen and the Medical Rescuer of the Faculty of Health Studies at the University of West Bohemia who are actively engaged in first aid, emergency medicine and disaster medicine.

More information about Life Saving Support can be found  here.

Randl Partners fights against discrimination

Randl Partners, attoneys at law, has joined the fight against discrimination. The ombudsman’s office lawyers trained Randl Partners lawyers in the field of anti-discrimination law at the lecture organized by the Pro bono aliance.

Randl Partners to enter into pro bono cooperation with Zahrádka Primary School

Newly established pro bono cooperation between Randl Partners and Zahrádka Primary School shall consist not only in providing free legal advice, but also in voluntary support and involvement of Randls lawyers in ordinary school life. Zahrádka Primary School is a special school for children with severe multiple disabilities and autism spectrum disorders.

More information about the Primary School can be found here.

Randl Partners to support young writers

Randl Partners law firm has become one of the partners to the literary contest for Czech young writers in English, the “National Literary Awards For Young Writers”.

The National Literary Award For Young Writers has been taking place in the Czech Republic since 2007. The contest is open to young literati under 19 years of age who submit their short stories on various pre-arranged topics. Each year, an expert jury chooses among hundreds of young authors the winners of individual categories as set by age but also the ultimate winner of the annual volume who gets the chance to travel and visit Edinburgh in Scotland.

“We are very happy to support talented young authors and at the same time, we are very astonished by such a high level of their stories. Beside this, the contest is very well organized and it is thus a pleasure to cooperate with its administrators,” says Nataša Randlová, a Partner of Randl Partners.

More information about the contest can be found here.

Randl Partners has joined the project of Pro Bono Centre

Randl Partners, attoneys at law, has joined the project of Pro Bono Centre (clearinghouse), which is operated by Pro Bono Aliance. The aim of both the Aliance and the project itself is to link attorneys´ offer of pro bono legal services with knowledge of social issues and needs of potential pro bono clients possessed by the non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Randl Partners cooperates with Pro Bono Centre mainly in the employment law area, in particular, it focuses on the issues of discrimination at work and related topics.

Prague Summer School 2014: Internships at Randl Partners

During the last week in July, Randl Partners law firm hosted two Chinese law students from universities in Shanghai and Guangzhou on a five-day internship. Before the internship itself, however, Steven Lai and Sun Shiyao, together with approx. 50 other students from various Chinese universities, completed three weeks of intensive courses and lectures within the educational program of Prague Summer School on International Business Transactions.

While Steven became part of the employment law team for a week, Sun dedicated himself to commercial law issues. At the end of the week, both of the students presented the results of their work to the Randls lawyers. Within the internships, both students also enjoyed regular joint lunches or visiting the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague which was combined with a joint dinner.

At the very beginning of the Prague Summer School program, the head of the employment law team and Partner of the law firm, Nataša Randlová participated in the program with her lecture on the “European Employment Law”. Consequently, at the end of the program, the students evaluated Nataša as one of the best lecturers and awarded her a divided 2nd and 3rd place among a range of important experts participating in the program.

Some pictures from the internship week can be found here

Randl Partners supports healthy hearts

Randl Partners, attorneys at law, would like to use their contacts with HR managers from many Czech and foreign companies to support a good cause in the area of people’s health. “During regular meetings regarding Employment Law Updates, we would like to acquaint our clients with the contents of the campaign ACT FAST, SAVE A LIFE, (JEDNEJ RYCHLE, ZACHRAŇ ŽIVOT) which is focused on the prevention and early treatment of heart disease. We believe, that they can use this information for their employment health care programs, and thus support healthy hearts in their companies.” says JUDr. Nataša Randlová. Find out more about the campaign on

Randl Partners team ran again Prague Hervis Half Marathon for a good cause

Members of the Randl Partners team again took part in the Hervis Half Marathon Prague on the first weekend in April. The performance of associates and student from Randl Partners supported an event called “Run for a Good Thing”. We received starting numbers for our runners in exchange for a donation to our partner – organization Light for the World. Our runners ran from the start to the finish not only with sporting enthusiasm but also with the feeling of doing something good for others. Our associate Katerina Pokorna ran in a wonderful time 2:00:05 and associate Ondrej Chlada ran also in a nice time 2:26:11. Student Matej Novak attended the run as well and finished it in a fantastic time 1:28:23.

Photos from the half-marathon can be found here

Support of the civic association Finding each other

Randl Partners provides free legal assistance to the Civic association Finding each other, which came into existence in 1998 at the Tereza Maxova foundation for the purpose of helping children who grow up in institutional facilities. The mission of the civic association is to improve the situation of children and families at risk in the Czech Republic and to support children and young people growing up in institutional care. The association also focuses on the development of alternative family care and social work with families and it offers training to professionals working with the target group.

Run for a good cause within the Hervis Prague Half Marathon – vol. II

On the last March day, representatives of Randl Partners participated again in the Hervis Prague Half Marathon, despite the adverse weather conditions. Our office was represented by two relay teams made up of attorneys, associates and students, who gathered to support the charity event called “Run for a good cause”. Because we donated a certain amount of money to our partner, Agency for Professional Counselling for the Deaf, we received start numbers both for Randls Ladies and Randls Gentlemen teams from them. Therefore, we ran from start to finish not only with athletic enthusiasm, but also with a sense of doing something good for others. Ladies team finished in the hard competition at the nice 188 place, whereas the Gentlemen team took 71 place from the 355 teams participating.

Some pictures from the Hervis Prague Half Marathon can be found here

Handbook: How to support involving employees in community beneficial projects and activities

Natasa Randlova participated on the creation of the handbook named How to support involving employees in community beneficial projects and activities, which is the result of the group of experts formed by the platform Business for Society, forum of responsible companies. The work of employees for non-profit organizations is beneficial not only for the receivers of help, but also for the companies themselves. Many of them are using this type of activities as a teambuilding tool or as a benefit which is able to strengthen employee loyalty and company identity. The main goal of the handbook is to help companies to start with involving employees into philantrophical projects, as well as to inspire non-profit organizations by showing them the possibilities of various forms of cooperation with companies.

The entire text of the handbook (Czech version only) can be found here

Run for a good cause within the Hervis Prague Half Marathon

The first Saturday in April, Hervis Prague Half Marathon took place. Our office was represented by two relay teams made of lawyers, associates and students, who gathered to support the charity event called “Run for a good cause”. Because we donated a certain amount of money to our partner, Agency for Professional Counselling for the Deaf, we received start numbers both for Randls Ladies and Randls Gentlemen teams from them. Therefore, we ran from start to finish not only with athletic enthusiasm, but also with a sense of doing something good for others. After a little misunderstanding around passing the relay-stick, the Ladies team finished in the back of the starting field, whereas the Gentlemen team ended up at very good 98th place from the 321 teams participating.

Some pictures from the Hervis Prague Half Marathon can be found here

International conference: New welfare model? Social protection in Central and Eastern Europe 20 years after democratization

Randls Partners supported the realization of the conference organized by the Charles University in cooperation with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. The aim of the conference was to analyze and evaluate, whether and how successfully the new social model in Central and -Eastern Europe was created and stabilized 20 years after the fall of communist regime. The conference focused on the issue of effectiveness and success of social reforms, which were made in this area during the democratization process. Prominent Czech and European specialists dealt with trends in progress of social model and discussed the question, whether we are witnessing the rise of a new form of social relationships in our society.

Legal Counsel for the Deaf

Randl Partners became a partner of Legal Counsel for the Deaf run by the Agency for Professional Counselling for the Deaf (APPN). Randl Partners provide free labour law advice to employers and clients of the Counsel.

APPN’s main objective is to actively influence the creation and development of a healthy and stable labour market for the hearing impaired and to help integrate these persons into the speaking world by increasing the availability and quality of social services. It focuses particularly on providing support in obtaining and maintaining employment and increasing mutual respect and awareness of this minority group. The organisation supports the development of knowledge and skills of hearing impaired job seekers to increase their competitiveness and find a place corresponding to their wants.

Project Alternative

Randl Partners are actively involved with Project Alternative, project aimed at promoting atypical types of work for those in atypical situations. It also provides advice and “alternative jobs” advertisements on its portal Work Otherwise. Members of the Randl Partners employment law team provide free lectures and on-line legal advice. Project Alternative is supported by the Czech Society for Human Resources Development (ČSRLZ) with which we also cooperate closely.

Project Alternative is focused on promoting atypical types of work for non-traditional groups of employees. Jobs supported by this project are mainly those with reduced working time in atypical work shifts, flexible hours, compressed work weeks, and jobs where employees work from home, share jobs, agreements on work performance….The project reacts to the current state of the labour market and the associated increased demand for skilled and flexible employees. One solution to meet this demand is the creation of under-used styles of work, which allow people from socially disadvantaged groups to enter the labour market.

Project Alternative’s employment portal lists job offers and potential employees for various kinds of alternative jobs free of charge. The portal meets the requirements of employers as well as the demands of candidates for jobs with non-standard working hours. Supported by the Czech Society for Human Resource Development, Project Alternative’s job portal is designed for employers and candidates to help improve access to jobs with more flexibility (for parents on maternity or parental leave, persons with reduced work capacity, persons over the age of 50, people who are care givers, students, and all others who want flexible work).

Moot Court Competition

Randl Partners is interested in developing high-quality lawyers specialised in labour law for future generations and to improve the labour law practice in the Czech Republic. We therefore support Moot Court Competitions, both financially and professionally. This is a competition of law students in a simulated trial. Randl Partners was a partner of the Moot Court Competition in Labour Law in 2008/2009.

Moot Court is a simulated trial, which has a tradition in law schools around the world. The Moot Court Competition (MCC) is a unique project organized by Juristi, a legal academic organization, and under the auspices of the Czech Union of Judges. The competition gives undergraduate law students from all law faculties across the Czech Republic a chance to compete in civil, criminal, employment and other law trials. The moot trials allow participants to get to know what an actual court process looks like. Participants are able to get insight into real cases, to try a court trial before an actual judge and to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice. In short, students have a unique opportunity to see how the law really works.

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