Business Bulletin No. 1/2016

In this Business Bulletin we bring you a brief information on the Act on the Record of Sales and we point out the practical amendment on the Act on Building Savings Accounts or changes which modified the Act on Public Procurement in the legislative process. From the legislation under discussion we chose the amendment on The Act the Criminal Liability of Legal Persons, the Act on Business Corporations, in which our deputies suggest to return to the institute of a supervisory board member elected by the company’s employees, and the proposed change in the person to pay the tax on acquisition of the immovable property. From the case law published in 2016 we selected the decision of the Constitutional Court related to good faith when assessing the acquisition of property rights by a non-owner or the ruling of the Supreme Court dealing with damage caused by a managing director of the Ltd. company by not returning company property after the termination of the function. Finally, we inform you about a possibility to obtain at anytime and for free the extract from the Criminal Register and about a new possibility of alternative dispute resolution.

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