Business Bulletin No. 1/2017

In this year’s first edition of the Business Bulletin, we will bring you up to date with the most recent legislative developments and court rulings in the first quarter of 2017— especially the new Act on Insolvency, which introduces important changes across the entire wording of the Act. Concerning proposed legislation, we will inform you about the newly prepared change to the Act on Insolvency, which primarily concerns new debt discharge conditions, and an amendment to the Trade Licensing Act, which removes the obligations of entrepreneurs to report ID information of the members of statutory bodies. We also present you with a quick summary of a comprehensive change proposal to the Act on Experts, Expert Offices and Expert Institutions, the goal of which is to increase control over experts and to increase the requirements on their professionalism. Concerning rulings published in 2017, we chose a ruling of the Constitutional Court, which brings changes to the institute of VAT control statements. We would also like to bring your attention to the fact that apart from shortcomings in the actions of competitors, the Office for the Protection of Competition also looks into the internal documentation of associations. As a practical piece of information, we also put together a summary of developments in the area of personal data protection.

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