Business Bulletin No. 2/2016

In this year’s second issue of the Business Bulletin we bring you up to date with the newest legislation – particularly regarding the new Act on the Register of Contracts, new acts adjusting the complex field of administrative ​​criminal law, the new Act on Gambling and the new Act on Business Hours in Retail and Wholesale. Furthermore, we briefly discuss the significant cost reduction when establishing a Ltd. company and an amendment to the Act on the Criminal Liability of Legal Persons which, while expanding the number of crimes which can be committed by a legal entity, provides the possibility of complete exculpation of guilt. We also point out the change to the person of the taxpayer from the acquisition of real estate. Regarding case law, we chose a Supreme Court decision that highlights the problematic aspects in a case, where the company attorney was in fact a senior employee of eg. the legal department of his client.

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