Business Bulletin No. 2/2017

In this year’s second issue of the Business Bulletin we will summarize the important amendment to the Act on Public Procurement, the Decree on the Real Estate Cadastre and the new amendment to the Copyright Act. We will also deal with the so-called 2017 tax package, especially the changes to the Act on Income Taxes and Act on VAT. In the area of proposed legislation, we focused on the amendment to the Building Act, which should simplify the authorization procedure and which is only waiting for the President’s signature. Regarding new rulings, we chose the decision of the Supreme Court, which was the first published decision of the Supreme Court after the Constitutional Court issued the decision (I. CC 190/15) last September, which criticized the existing decision-making practice of the Supreme Court in cases concerning the concurrence of functions; and the decision of the Constitutional Court usable in practice concerning the definition of the actual damage to a vehicle after a traffic accident.

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