Business Bulletin No. 3/2010

In the third issue of Randls Business Bulletin, we introduce you the essential information about the new system of basic registers of public administration. This system is intended to transform the method of collecting and storing data related to individuals, business corporations, government bodies, as well as information related to their rights and duties and regarding all immovables located in the Czech Republic. Randls Business Bulletin also looks at the most interesting decisions of the Courts and of the Office for the Protection of Competition, issued in July and August 2010. We discuss the first decision regarding “bid rigging”, as it relates to public procurement. In the field of consumer law we focus on a decision concerning prohibition of an arbitration clause in consumer contracts. Another pertinent issue concerns the repeal of a provision of the Insolvency Act, which is essential for exercising creditors’ rights. We briefly mention a key decision of the Supreme Administrative Court concerning penalties imposed by the Office for the Protection of Competition. Finally, we point out some of the available services offered by Czech POINT offices.

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