Business Bulletin No. 3/2012

In this 3rd issue of the Business Bulletin in this year we bring news from business and commercial law we have chosen from the 3rd quarter of this year. In the area of adopted laws we draw attention to an amendment to the Insolvency Act aiming to prevent abusive insolvency filings and a new Mediation Act which has become effective recently. Further we deal with a bill on new Cadastral Act which should become effective together with the new Civil Code and substantially change regulation of the Land Register. In the Case Law section we mention a decision in which the Office for Protection of Competition imposed sanctions for presenting a false affidavit on a tenderer and we give a short summary of a judgment of the Supreme Administrative Court relating to “švarcsystém” issue. Lastly we mention news which, hopefully, will simplify filling in form filings for entry of rights in the Land Register and widens a scale of information available to users of web interface of the Land Register.

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