Business Bulletin No. 3/2014

Welcome to the third issue of Business Bulletin of 2014! You can find here a number of interesting pieces of news from the world of business law. Firstly, we inform you about an adopted amendment to the Trade Licensing Act (№ 455/1991 Sb.), enacted in order to reduce the administrative burden on entrepreneurs, as well as about an amendment to the Copyright Act (№ 121/2000 Sb.). Further, we provide you with information regarding preparations for the amendment to the Civil Code (№ 89/2012 Sb.), the purpose of which is to repair some of its major problems. In the Adopted Acts section you can find out more about the tightening of the criminal liability of legal entities which is about to occur as a result of the increase of crimes possibly committed by legal entities. In the case-law part you will learn about the extinction of the right of first refusal, shareholder’s right to information about the company and finally about concurrence of the functions of a manager and a Member of the Board of Directors.

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