Business Bulletin No. 3/2017

In this year’s third issue of the Business Bulletin we will summarize the new Act on Compensation for Competition-related Harm and Amendment to the Act on the Protection of Competition. The purpose of this act is to make claiming damages easier for both natural persons and legal entities, which have suffered from the infringement of competition rules. We will also deal with the latest Amendment to the Act on the Register of Contracts which extends the list of contracts exempted from mandatory disclosure in the Register and the Act on the Czech Trade Inspection Authority which aim is in particular to extend the powers of the Czech Trade Inspection Authority during inspections. In the area of proposed legislation, we focused on new Act on the Personal Data Processing, which purpose is to implement the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) into Czech law. Regarding new rulings, we chose the Decision of the Constitutional Court regarding the damages caused to a participant of an awarding procedure by non-compliance of the contractor with the Public Procurement Act; and the decision of the Supreme Court regarding impossibility to use the promissory note as security of an employer’s claim against an employee.

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