Recodification Guide for Entrepreneurs No. 9

One of the most common contractual types in the private law is the lease agreement. Practically everyone has lived in a leased or a cooperative apartment, or, at the very least, lived in a student dormitory or in a hotel room and thus entered into an accommodation agreement which is, in fact, a type of lease agreement. Entering into agreements on lease of non-residential premises is also an integral part of life of business corporations. A specific issue is lease of agricultural lands or whole business enterprises which will be referred as “usufructuary lease”. However, there are other things which can be subject to lease agreements too, such as cars, working tools or whole sets of machinery. More than 150 sections of the new Civil Code are dedicated to the single regulation of lease agreement which is a response to today’s practical problems and introduces new concepts and rules, which are common in some other European countries.

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