LAST UPDATE: 11. 8. 2021, 1:00 PM

On 11 April 2021 at midnight, the state of emergency ended in the Czech Republic. The government subsequently approved a series of extraordinary measures to be implemented by the Ministry of Health under the Pandemic Act.

An overview of the measures currently in force is available here. Anti-epidemic measures concern the following areas:

  • restrictions on retail trade and services
  • wearing respiratory protective equipment
  • measures for entry into the Czech Republic
  • vaccination-related measures
  • measures in the education sector
  • social services and labour measures
  • testing
  • health care measures
  • recommendations to the authorities
  • other measures

Measures in the area of retail and services

  • effective from 1 August 2021 until further notice
  • limited number of customers in establishments – determined by the size of the sales area of the establishments
  • obligation to keep customers at a distance
  • specific requirements for certain types of services (catering services, sports venues, shopping centres, accommodation, hairdressing, massage services, etc.)

Wearing of respiratory protective equipment

  • effective from 31 July 2021 until further notice
  • obligation to wear respiratory protective equipment – respirator (similar equipment meeting all technical requirements) in highly exposed places
    • indoor areas of shops, establishments, medical facilities, etc.
    • means of public transport
  • the obligation to wear a respirator or a medical face mask (or an equivalent device)
    • in all indoor areas where a respirator is not mandatory

Measures when entering the Czech Republic

  • effective from 31 July 2021 until further notice
  • for the purpose of return, the Ministry of Health issues a communication with a list of countries according to the risk of COVID-19
    • low risk countries
    • medium risk
    • high risk countries
    • very high risk countries
    • extreme risk countries
  • the requirements for return to the Czech Republic are determined according to the category of the country


  • effective from 1 June 2021 until further notice
  • free testing for clients of health insurance companies
    • antigen tests – no more than once every seven days
    • RT-PCR tests – no more than twice per calendar month

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