Establishment, Changes and Termination of Employment, Agreements

Employment law counselling and employment documentation

We will lead you through the whole course of employment relationship, from start to end, including all the possible obstacles you may encounter in HR practice. We will prepare and tailor exactly to your needs all the necessary employment documentation (e.g. employment contracts, agreements on work performed outside employment relationship, agreements on salary deductions or so-called liability agreements) which will help you greatly to avoid future difficulties.

We will create work rules or specific internal regulations (e.g. disciplinary rules, rules on usage of company cars, rules governing mutual liability, rules on working hours or on home-office) just for you and we will assist you with their implementation. Furthermore, we will advise you on the topic of concurrent functions, i.e. when employee of a company is also its statutory body member.

Disciplinary proceedings and termination of employment relationships

Our experience and expertise with regard to disciplinary proceedings and termination of employment relationships are available to you as well. We will help you with necessary documentation, advise you on how to negotiate with employees, assist you during said negotiations or we will even carry them out for you.

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