Migration, Work Agencies and Illegal Employment

Employment of foreign nationals

Employment of foreign nationals and posting of foreign employees make many HR specialists and lawyers feel very anxious. The administrative requirements often discourage them and make them avoid any such projects altogether. Our experts will help you by explaining how to deal with immigration issues, work permits, employee cards, and by acquainting you with obligations employers need to fulfil. We will help you choose the best approach to cases of individual foreign nationals and determine which permit is needed in a given case.  We can also assist you with checking documentation which needs to be included and with communication with authorities.

Temporary agency work

The use of temporary agency work is a rather flexible way of effectively acquiring new work power. We will advise you on how to communicate with agencies, help you with creating documentation, and familiarise you with any potential risks. We will explain the scope of the so-called comparable working and wage conditions of agency workers and what is necessary to bear in mind when employing agency workers.

Illegal employment

Illegal employment is often fined rather heavily. Our experts will explain to you how to avoid the so-called “švarcsystém” and illegal employment. Do you cooperate with various contractors daily? We will help you analyse your current contracts and propose changes which will help you avoid sanctions. Our experience with carrying out audits allows us to effectively assist you with conforming to relevant legislation.

Posting of employees abroad

Would you like to post your employees abroad but do you not know how? We will prepare all the necessary documentation and familiarise you with the procedure of posting employees.

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