Recodification Guide for Entrepreneurs No. 6

The new Civil Code introduces significant changes not only to the field of legal entities, but to all branches of private law, including real estate law. Legal regulation of real estate in the new Civil Code is inspired by the Austrian Civil Code (valid in the territory of the Czech Republic until 1950) in many aspects and brings a wide range of important changes. The most important change is the return to the principle “the surface yields to the ground” and to the legal concepts related to this change, such as right to build, registration of machines in the Cadastral Register etc. Another fundamental change is the return to rigorous adherence to the principle of material publicity of entries in the Cadastral Register (what is written in the Cadastral Register shall be true). The aim of the changes is, on one hand, to ensure more legal certainty in dealing with real estates, and, on the other hand, to provide private persons with more tools for regulation of their rights and obligations. In this issue of the Recodification Guide we outline the most important changes.

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