Recodification Guide for Entrepreneurs No. 8

The most important and the most frequent contractual type in the everyday life is the purchase agreement. Every day people and companies enter into many purchase agreements, buying things of daily use, materials for production, selling their own products, reselling products of other entrepreneurs or buying devices needed for operation of their business. Subject of a purchase agreement can be also a whole enterprise or newly other (mostly immaterial) things. The regulation of the purchase agreement is largely inspired by the Commercial Code which is complemented in the new Civil Code by other elements (such as requirement of certified signatures in the reservation of ownership clause) or the current ones are further developed (e.g. detailed regulation of pre-emptive right). Together with the purchase agreement, the new Civil Code contains regulation of donation and barter agreements. Besides, there will be new rules of acquisition of ownership right from the non-owner which aim to balance preservation of rights of third persons and protection of the owner from unlawful interference in his property.

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