Disputes, Inspections and Occupational Injuries

Legal disputes

It is common for disputes to arise in employment relationships. These disputes then lead to time-consuming and nerve-wrecking court battles. Do not fear and let us help you! We are more than happy to represent you in legal disputes against your employees or employers. We have vast experience in representing our clients, be it in disputes regarding invalid terminations of employment relationships, liability for damages, occupational injuries or illnesses, failure to pay salary or bonuses, invalid non-competition clauses, or in many other disputes.

Both before and during a dispute, we will honestly inform you of your chances of winning and we will help you to determine the best possible strategy.

Representation before administrative authorities

Do not hesitate to make use of our expertise and experience and ask for our services when dealing with administrative authorities. We are happy to represent you from the very start of an inspection, in subsequent administrative procedure, and even before administrative courts.

Occupational injuries and illnesses

Has any of your employees had an accident at work or does he or she suffer from an occupational illness? Are you unsure as to how to proceed? Do you know when a simple record in an accident book will suffice and when an occupational injury report needs to be drawn up? Do you know how to distinguish between occupational injuries and occupational illnesses?

We are, of course, able to answer all these questions. We will help you with assessing of injuries, investigations and reporting of such injuries to relevant authorities. We will assist you with recording occupational injuries in your accident books and discuss with you your obligations as employer. You can turn to us if you need help with communicating with authorities and other institutions or with need of assistance in legal or administrative proceedings. We can help you with processing of compensation for occupational injuries or for occupational illnesses and we will discuss with you all potential solutions and risks.

Compensation for damage and liability

Have you suffered any damage as a result of conduct of your employees? We will make sure that you are compensated for any such damage.

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