Problematic Aspects of HR


We will help you with implementation of internal notification systems in relation to the planned legal regulation of whistle-blowers. We will advise you on implementing suitable solution or on adapting your current solution to be consistent with legal regulation. Of course, we will provide you with additional services such as preparation of internal regulation and further documentation regarding whistleblowing and/or necessary employee trainings.

Occupational health services

Since we have focused on employment law for as long as we can remember, we are well aware of the most common problems you can run into in practice and, even more importantly, we know how to solve them. That means we will happily provide you with assistance when it comes to occupational health services – we can help you manage all the necessary documentation (agreements with providers of occupational health services, health assessment documents, applications for medical examination, etc.), as well as advise you on how to deal with problems that often occur in practice.

Personal data (GDPR) and employee privacy protection

You may have noticed the topic of personal data protection being discussed quite often these days. We can help you conform to all the relevant legislation and prepare for you all the necessary documentation (e. g. information for job applicants and employees, information about CCTV, consent to personal data processing, internal regulations on personal data processing, rules on archiving, agreements on personal data processing, etc.). We can also advise you on how to deal with individual employees’ requests and their rights in different cases. We will also perform a GDPR audit and assess whether you process personal data correctly, and further assist you with implementing proposed recommendations, including training of your employees, personal data protection impact assessment and determination whether you need to designate a data protection officer. This topic also relates to employees’ privacy protection in the workplace – we will advise you on the possibilities of monitoring employees and how to reconcile personal data protection and monitoring of internet or e-mails at the workplace.

Transfer of rights and obligations, outsourcing

Is there any fusion, acquisition or outsourcing taking place in your business? If so, you certainly have to deal with the issue of transferring of rights and obligations of employees. Our experts will determine whether a given situation constitutes said transfer, and if so, they will make sure that transfer takes place smoothly – they will prepare employee transfer agreements, draft information for employees, documents relating to consultations with trade unions, Q&A for employees, etc.

Digitisation of HR

We must not forget the issue which has been discussed a lot recently – the process of digitisation in the area of HR. We will advise you on what documents may be digitised – which will not only save space in your file rooms but also spare the environment.

Investigations – discrimination and bullying at the workplace

Employment relationships are not always just fun and games, but conflicts often arise between employees. In practice, we also encounter discrimination and bullying. We make use of our experience by helping employers with setting up systems of investigation or we can even conduct necessary investigations ourselves. That includes ensuing consultation on how to solve a given conflict.

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