Remuneration, Benefits and Flexibility

Remuneration, benefits and company cars

The topic of remuneration is often associated only with payrolls and most HR specialists therefore prefer to leave such matters to payroll clerks. However, creation of a system of remuneration is a crucial HR issue and it cannot be isolated from other HR areas.

We offer our experience in this area. We are happy to give you advice on how to set up remuneration rules including various benefit systems and schemes – for ordinary employees and for the top management alike. Furthermore, we can help you with the setting up of various benefit programs, sick-days schemes, or use of company cars. Naturally, all that in accordance with the principle of equal treatment and prohibition of discrimination.

Working hours and flexibility

If you feel lost when it comes to working hours and working hours schedules, do not hesitate to turn to us. We will provide you with information on how to schedule and manage working hours correctly, both for employees who work from Monday to Friday and for those working in shifts. We also have experience with introducing continuous shift work and accounts of working hours.

Furthermore, we can help you with implementing flexible types of employment, be it part-time work, flexible working hours, home office, or any other type.


Even though legal rules regulating leave are one of the most detailed, questions related to leave still continue to arise. We are happy to help you with leave calculations, however complicated a given case may be. We will help you with correctly setting up of leave taking. And should you be interested in ways of providing employees with additional leave (such as sick days), we know how to do it.

Obstacles to work

We can help you deal with common obstacles to work on the part of your employees, such as maternity and parental leave, temporary incapacity to work or doctor visits, or the less frequent ones, such as paternity leave, taking care of family members, cases of a volunteer firemen or an unreleased mayors. At the same time, we know how to deal with obstacles to work on the side of employers, such as partial unemployment or idle time. No obstacle to work is an obstacle for us to give you expert advice!

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