Trade Unions and Other Employee Representatives

Trade unions and collective bargaining

We provide consulting and legal services in the area of collective employment relationships as well. Has a trade union, or even two or more of them, emerged in your business and you do not know how to deal with them? Do you understand what it means to interact with a trade union and do you know what terms like information, consultation, co-deciding and consent in relation to trade unions mean? Do you need help with collective bargaining and its strategy? We are happy to help you with creating or amending collective agreements and creating other necessary documentation. We will teach you how inform and consult trade unions and we will prepare training for you on how to cooperate with trade unions. We always bear in mind that trade unions are social partners with whom it is important to have social dialogue.

European Works Council

Furthermore, we deal with the issue of European Works Councils (EWCs) and of various employee representations within European companies – not only with their establishment but also with their activities and cooperation with employers. Have you never heard of EWCs or negotiating bodies of European companies and do you have no idea how to hold elections to these bodies? We will sketch out for you with individual steps that need to be taken and propose a time plan. We can also help you by creating all the necessary documentation including electoral codes, tailored to your needs, of course, and even by organizing elections. We will also discuss all the obligations of employer in relation to these bodies with you and we will explain what to do when terminating employment relationships with European employee representatives.

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