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The HR Academy is our new additional service for human resource workers. HR workers daily face many problems from the labour law area and its related branches of law. However they often lack the necessary legal knowledge. The goal of the HR Academy is to guide beginners but also experienced HR workers through labour law questions regarding their work. We would like to accomplish this through lectures and subsequent workshops led by our lawyers.

What is the HR Academy?

The HR Academy is a cycle of lectures and practical exercises focused on labour law issues, which are always prepared individually with respect to the client´s needs. The course consists of 6 to 12 one-day parts and lasts from 6 to 12 months. It can include labour law to its full extent, including the protection of personal data, labour-medical services or tax alphabet for HR workers or can be just focused on topics chosen by the client.

Individual lectures and exercises are led by lawyers from the Randl Partners team or cooperating experts, for example the co-author of the Amendment on Labour Code, specialists in the employment area, tax consultants. All lectors have extensive practical experience with labour law related issues and most of them teach or used to teach law at Czech universities.


What HR Academy Participants Say

“HR Academy is a compact set of seminars from the area of employment law in a wider scope, which means that it doesn’t focus only the Labour code, but also on related areas. It definitely helped us to anchor the knowledge we use daily in our practice, and to extend our knowledge in new or in less commonly used areas.

The structure of HR Academy – a healthy balance between theoretical and practical parts, the way the students are involved in preparing the lectures, and the usefulness of gained information and experience in practice – is what makes HR Academy truly exceptional!”


Manager of HR Business Partners Team, Human Resources, Komerční banka, a. s.


Why the HR Academy instead of standard labour-law training?

Ordinary training only takes the form of lectures, which are passively heard by HR workers. They may not understand properly a number of things or get used to them. Often there is neither time nor space for closer analysis of questions, to which they are interested in. There is no opportunity to try and solve various labour-law problems under the supervision of specialists, which is absolutely necessary for the real and permanent understanding of the issue. Usually there is also no feedback from the training and thus the employee (and also his employer) can hardly objectively evaluate, what he already fully understands and what more he should learn.

The HR Academy is different. The basis is, of course, also lectures on certain labour-law topics, however it is held in a really practical way and it is led by very experienced lectors. Due to the lower number of participants, there is always time for questions. However the fundamental part of the HR Academy, which is often missing at ordinary training, is the practical exercising of the issue. The Academy pays special attention to this part and we prepare exercises for every company separately with respect to the participants´ level of knowledge.

How is a day in the HR Academy?

At first there is always an interactive presentation on a particular topic. After the morning lecture there is a practical exercise of the issue in the afternoon. In the first part of the practical exercise the participants´ home work is evaluated and also participants share their presentations on a given topic, which always aim at recapitulating the discussed subject matter.

The second part includes practical exercises on the discussed topic, case scenarios and finding mistakes in a sample labour-law document, evaluation of correctness of an outlined solution of a situation or task that could be given to HR workers by management – for example how to solve the need for short-term (work in the most effective and the most economic way or how to plan work hours when it is necessary to ensure the non-stop performance of some service.

Are participants evaluated?

Participants may receive points from lectors for attendance at individual parts of HR Academy and for the active solving of assignments. After the course there is a test of overall knowledge, which is also evaluated with points. If a participant reaches the required amount of points, they receive a certificate of successful completion of the course.

If you would like to organise HR Academy also at your company, please contact Natasa Randlova at her email address


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