HR News No. 3/ June 2019

We bring you our refreshing employment law news. This time, we shall start with the government decree on the amounts exempt from garnishment which should motivate those in debt to increase their income in order to satisfy the creditor as well as draw debtors form the shadow economy. Next, the necessary implementing law concerning GDPR was finally adopted but as we have already dis-cussed. We will have a look at the new case law – particularly two very interesting decisions of the Supreme Court – the first concerns non-competition clause while the second discusses aspects of dependent work and the dif-ference between employees and contractors – and one decision of the Constitutional Court concerning admis-sibility of using CCTV as an evidence of a breach of employees’ duties.

HR News No. 2/ April 2019

In this year’s second issue we will get you up to speed with recent legislative developments. We will discuss the amendment to the Act on the Residence of Foreign Nationals and the related wording of the obligation to give notification regarding the employment of foreigners which addresses certain practical issues with its application. In connection with the planned (yet still largely uncertain) Brexit, legislators approved a new act which addresses the position of UK citi-zens in the Czech Republic in the event of a no-deal Brexit. We will also introduce you to the latest benefit pro-vided to academic staff—self-scheduling of working hours!

Randl Partners achieved the highest ranking in the Chambers Europe 2019 chart

The prestigious British ranking of European law firms, Chambers Europe 2019, confirmed the position of the employment-law team of Randl Partners at the highest level of evaluation (Band 1).Furthermore, Natasa Randlova, as the leader of the employment-law team and co-founder of the law office, has maintained her prominent appraisal as “a personality with an exceptional reputation in their field” (Star Individual) for the eighth time in a row.

Press Release – Randl Partners announce four new partners

Nataša Randlová and Pavel Randl recently offered partnership to four attorneys with whom they have closely co-operated for many years. “We present this offer of partnership as an expression of our appreciation for their personal and professional qualities tested by long-term collaboration, as well as of gratitude for their significant contributions to our law firm.” states Pavel Randl, founding partner of Randl Partners.“We pride ourselves on providing balanced and reliable top-level legal counsel in all areas of employment and commercial law with emphasis on close personal contact with our clients. I believe that the new partners will bring fresh new ideas, allowing us to provide even higher quality services to our clients.” adds Nataša Randlová, founding partner of Randl Partners.As of 1 March 2019, Lukáš Hofman, Ondřej Chlada, Irena Lišková, and Michal Peškar become partners at Randl Partners.

HR News No. 1/January 2019

This year’s first issue of our HR News (designed to celebrate the beginning of a new year) brings a summary of changes which are connected with the turn of the year and that you need to be on lookout for in your HR practice. In particular, these changes affect travel allowances, minimum wage and guaranteed minimum wage as well as the amount of income immune from deductions from salary and social security payments.

HR News č. 5/ December 2018

To mark the end of 2018, we’ve prepared a special holiday edition of HR News, in which we focus in on the most important updates from the world of employment law which await us in the coming years. If the holiday preparations are stressing you out, you may find some peace in reading about updates in the field of temporary work incapacity of employees, news about the future of the expansive amendment to the Labor Code, or a summary of a ruling which permits, in certain cases, the use of secret audio recordings as evidence in employment-law cases.

Press Release – Randl Partners advocate long-term support for disabled people

The dynamic verticalizer allows the body to stand in the natural position and the patient’s body can carry out conscious movements without loss of balance. It serves to prevent contractions, facilitates breathing and aeration of the lungs, has a positive influence on sensory perception, motoric abilities as well as on patient´s state of mind. Randl, however, are also engaged in supporting other non-profit organizations. Two special pelvic bands for fast stabilization of pelvic fractures were donated to the Life Saving Support Pilsen Association. By providing legal services, they support Randl Contact bB – Swimming Pool Without Barriers. They also help the non-profit organization Black Horse, which manufactures handbike wheels for disabled children, and is currently the only manufacturer of bicycles of this type in the Czech Republic.

Forbes 2018: Nataša Randlová among the most powerful women of Czech Republic

The november’s issue of the prestigious magazine Forbes CZ published The list of the Czech 111 Most Powerful Women. As well as in 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Nataša Randlová belongs to the group of these personalities.It focuses not only on the manageresses, business owners, women in public sector, but also on the women in non-profit sector, culture, sport and so-called opinion leaders. Forbes makes this list every year to support these women and to inspire others.The Magazine evaluated the economic outturns, amount of money over which they have control and which they directly affect, their shares in firms, how many clients might be influenced by their decisions etc.Complete list can be found in the latest issue of the Forbes magazine.

HR News No. 4 / October 2018

For this year’s fourth issue of our HR News, we are bringing you something a little bit different. Because there are only very few legislative developments this autumn, we’ve decided to at least prepare a series of short and practical summaries of recent interesting court decisions. Court decisions are almost as important as legislation—they provide us with a guide to how to properly interpret and apply legislation.

The highest ranking in Chambers Europe 2018-2019

For the eight time in a row, the prestigious British ranking of European law firms, Chambers Europe, confirmed the position of the employment-law team of Randl Partners at the highest level of evaluation (Band 1).Furthermore, Nataša Randlová, as the leader of the employment-law team and co-founder of the law office, has maintained her prominent appraisal as “a personality with an exceptional reputation in their field” (Star Individual) for the seventh time in a row.

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