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Employment Law 23. 06. 2020

HR News No. 4/ June 2020

This year’s fourth edition of our HR News is devoted to a brief summary of the amendment of the Act …

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HR News 02. 06. 2020

HR News No. 3/ May 2020

As a result of governmental and ministerial measures and precautions relating to the spread of the COVID-19 disease, many employers …

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HR News 11. 03. 2020

HR News No. 2/ March 2020 CORONAVIRUS in Employment Law Context

We have prepared this special issue of HR News titled “Coronavirus in Employment Law Context” in which we summarise answers …

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HR News 22. 01. 2020

HR News No. 1/ January 2020

As in previous years, also at the beginning of 2020 we have compiled this traditional special issue of HR News …

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HR News 02. 01. 2020

HR News No. 5/ December 2019

In 2020, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) starts operation of fully functional and obligatory system of electronic sick notes adopted …

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HR News 25. 09. 2019

HR News No. 4/ September 2019

In the course of the summer, new amendments to the Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic …

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HR News 01. 06. 2019

HR News No. 3/ June 2019

We bring you our refreshing employment law news. This time, we shall start with the government decree on the amounts …

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HR News 01. 04. 2019

HR News No. 2/ April 2019

In this year’s second issue we will get you up to speed with recent legislative developments. We will discuss the …

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HR News 01. 01. 2019

HR News No. 1/January 2019

This year’s first issue of our HR News (designed to celebrate the beginning of a new year) brings a summary …

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HR News 05. 12. 2018

HR News č. 5/ December 2018

To mark the end of 2018, we’ve prepared a special holiday edition of HR News, in which we focus in …

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