Employment Law

Employment Law 02. 10. 2019

Using FaceID technology on construction site from the personal data protection perspective

The Office for Personal Data Protection carried out within its inspection authority an inspection, subject of which was a processing …

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HR News 25. 09. 2019

HR News No. 4/ September 2019

In the course of the summer, new amendments to the Act on Residence of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic …

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HR News 01. 06. 2019

HR News No. 3/ June 2019

We bring you our refreshing employment law news. This time, we shall start with the government decree on the amounts …

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HR News 01. 04. 2019

HR News No. 2/ April 2019

In this year’s second issue we will get you up to speed with recent legislative developments. We will discuss the …

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HR News 01. 01. 2019

HR News No. 1/January 2019

This year’s first issue of our HR News (designed to celebrate the beginning of a new year) brings a summary …

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HR News 05. 12. 2018

HR News č. 5/ December 2018

To mark the end of 2018, we’ve prepared a special holiday edition of HR News, in which we focus in …

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HR News 04. 10. 2018

HR News No. 4 / October 2018

For this year’s fourth issue of our HR News, we are bringing you something a little bit different. Because there …

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HR News 01. 05. 2018

HR News No. 3 / May 2018

In this year’s third issue of HR News we will be turning our focus mainly towards a new contribution—the long-term …

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HR News 01. 02. 2018

HR News No. 2 / January 2018

In this year’s second issue of HR News we will be discussing a newly implemented change—as of 1 February, thanks …

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HR News 01. 01. 2018

HR News No. 1 / January 2018

In the first issue of HR News this year, we will come back to the previous year to present you …

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